Sunday, March 16, 2008

About Kolej Teknologi Paramount

Kolej Teknologi Paramount has a long and rich history of remarkable growth. The college has evolved from a small campus to an 18,000 square feet campus marked by modern architecture, housing classrooms with state-of-the-art technology.

Kolej Teknologi Paramount was established by academician’s that felt many adults were underserved by traditional institutions and envisioned a high-quality college that people could attend from any location using its custom build e-learning platform called Paramount E-Campus.
In 1998, Medium Digital Sdn. Bhd was established as a corporate entity to hold the institutional license and progressively that became Paramount Holdings (M) Sdn. Bhd. Institute Paramount was founded in 2001 and which is now renowned as Kolej Teknologi Paramount.

Consistent growth of the student population, programme demands and future planning resulted in several facility changes, with the college's first home at Paramount Garden with a campus area of 3000 square feet. On the recommendation of the Board of Directors, the college relocated to PJ Old Town and occupied a campus area of 6000 square feet. Then in January, 2007, the board of directors had decided to purchase its own premise in Puchong Prima with a campus area of 18,000 square feet to fulfill its present expansion plans. The present campus location provides vast opportunity for the college to further expand its student population, programmes and for further expansion of teaching and learning resources. Its new students hostels provide a very peaceful living environment which is located within the walking distance from the college campus.

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